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Supplemental Insurance

General Agent Center works with associations to help provide members with excellent benefit options from a variety of insurance carriers and benefit providers.

Dearborn National offers a broad selection of highly competitive insurance rates, financial products and an array of Enhanced Product Services.

Cover your deductibles, Co-Insurance and other “out-of-pocket” expenses…regardless of what insurance plan you have:

Accident Expense Coverage for Members and their Families
· Pays 100% of Covered Medical Expenses after your co-payment
· Use any hospital…any doctor. Payments are made directly to you
· Guaranteed Issue for all ages up to age 64
· $2500, $5,000 and $7,500 Benefit

VBA Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance Program
Motor carriers and the independent owner-operators who contract with them face specialized financial risks. An accident can have a serious economic On an owner-operators or contract drivers sustain. Value Benefits of American, along with the Domestic Accident and Health Division are Providing members with Truckers Occupational Accident Insurance.

$500 per week Temporary Total Disability for 104 weeks
$500 per week Continuous Total Disability to age 70
Up to $5,000 Hernia Coverage
Up to $5,000 Hemorrhoid Coverage
$125,000 or $225,000 Survivors Benefit paid in monthly installments

Critical Illness Coverage
Critical Illness Coverage for as little as $20.00 per month.
Coverage’s beginning at $10,000

LifeStyle Protector pays a lump sum benefit if you are first diagnosed with one of the following:
· Cancer (Life Threatening) 100%
· Heart Attack 100%
· Stroke 100%
· Renal Failure 100%
· Major Organ Transplant 100%
· Terminal Illness 100%
· Total Disability* (Sickness or Accident) 100%
· Major Heart Surgery 25%
· HIV from a Blood Transfusion 25%
· Angioplasty 10%

Death from any cause is a 100% benefit.

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