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Patty Contreras

Founder / CEO

(949) 769-7009

(909) 946-1551

Patty Contreras is a California Licensed Insurance Broker with a unique approach to helping people with integrity and love. She puts her clients’ interest first, which gives her the ability to help without expecting anyhing in...

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Jesse Contreras

Sales Leader / CFO

(909) 946-0101

(909) 946-1551

Jesse Contreras is the Chief Financial Officer/Sales Leader with The Sterling Insurance & Financial Group. His extensive expertise brings knowledge in administration, leadership, sales and extensive corporate knowledge in running a...

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Joseph Derthick

Insurance Agent

(310) 415-5693

The eldest of five (5) children was born March 2, 1957 in Charlotte, NC .The family moved to Wilmington, California in 1962 Parents were Gerald Derthick, a factory worker turned school teacher who left teaching to become chemical plant...

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